10.2020: Stay tuned as I work on a new VR playground for small people (kids) and big people (adults).

09.2020: As a member of White plastic Exhibition in Pragovka Gallery I have contributed with a piece called Sun in a Hollow Earth.

07.2020: I am taking part in exhibition Beyond Nuclear Family pop-up, contributing with a work in progress PC game called Visitors.

07.2020: I participated on an exhibition in ETC gallery in Prague, called Walking through.

05.2020: I am taking part in 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale as a member of Othernity.eu

06.2020: Nová počítačová hra ke stažení na /mlha nebo vystavena až do 1.10 v rámci festivalu M3 My new PC game Fog is out (English version coming out soon)